Saturday, May 9, 2015

Progress in Paradise...

Progress in Paradise...  Well, I made that trip to Home Depot and picked up a gutter downspout extension.  That will stave off any more flooding in our basement's casement window until we have a more permanent solution. 

Most of the rest of the day I spent replacing outlets and switches on our second floor.  This job had long been in the queue, but the imminent arrival (tomorrow!) of our first overnight guests (Jim and Michelle B.) bumped it to the front.  We don't want them sticking their fingers into an uncovered and miswired outlet and frying themselves!  That job is now done.

Debbie spent the day baking cookies – her trademark chocolate chip cookies with orange.  The house smelled quite delicious all day :)

We didn't end up getting much rain yesterday, and the forecast for today has been much reduced.  As I write this, the forecast now says 0.45", and the radar shows a few gentle rainclouds sidling toward us.  Even if we get no more rain at all, this storm was still wonderful for us.  Maybe we'll get some today...

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