Saturday, May 9, 2015

It looks like ObamaCare is here to stay...

It looks like ObamaCare is here to stay...  The political will to repeal it is fading fast, as is the political will to significantly reform it.  Already, the number of voters who think of it as an entitlement is large enough to scare politicians.  I think the likelihood is that we will be living with it basically forever.

So what's that going to be like?  Megan McArdle looks at the issue, with sobriety.  Her conclusion:
Overall, I think that this is a real potential threat to the future of the insurance market. But as yet, it is only a highly speculative threat. We'll know more as the risk-adjustment programs begin to expire, insurers get more experience in setting rates, and states begin to publish more data on what insurers plan to charge.

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