Thursday, May 14, 2015

Progress in Paradise...

Progress in Paradise...  Yesterday we finally finished the maze of paperwork, inspections, etc. required to transfer registrations of our vehicles from California to Utah.  Now when we travel about the area, we won't have the locals looking at us and wondering who the hell let these damned Californians in here!

I started working on replacing all the fixtures in our upstairs bathroom.  When we bought the house, that bathroom was equipped with rather cheaply made chrome faucets, drain, towel racks, etc.  They were also badly installed (just screws in wallboard).  I'm replacing the whole kit and caboodle with much nicer fixtures in an oil-rubbed bronze finish.  One sink and surrounds are finished, and they look quite nice.  Works well, too.  But ... I have kinks in my back and side where I shouldn't outta have them, thanks to all the under-sink work :)

“Caboodle” is an interesting word.  It's American slang (according to the OED), dating back to at least 1848.  Every reference to it is from American magazines, newspapers, or books.  That means it's one of those words you can use to confuse a Brit!

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