Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heisenberg's Theorem on Green Energy Measurement...

Heisenberg's Theorem on Green Energy Measurement...  My three long-time readers will know that CoyoteBlog, by Warren Meyer, is one of my daily visits.  He's been on a roll recently with a series of excellent posts.  This morning, before I got to my morning blog reading, my friend Doug W. emailed me about a really good, short post there.  He took unfair advantage of the time zones, as he's currently traveling in Italy :)

Mr. Warren is many things, but a world-class speller is not amongst them :)  I've taken the liberty of correcting his spelling, and quoting his awesome post in its entirety – it's way too short to be excerpted:
Heisenberg's Theorem on Green Energy Measurement

Theorem: A media article on a wind or solar project will give its installation costs or the value of its energy produced, but never both.

Corollary 1: One therefore can never assess the economic reasonableness of any green energy project from a single media article

Corollary 2: For supporters of green energy, there is a good reason for Corollary #1.
The media and the greenies, in bed together.  The result is pretty bad...

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