Friday, May 29, 2015

Powerless in Paradise...

Powerless in Paradise...  We were without power for several hours yesterday.  The outage was caused by someone hitting a power pole just north of our place, snapping it off at the base.  The pickup that hit the pole ended up in the irrigation canal alongside the highway, with its nose aimed right at our neighbor's (Tim and Jeannie D.) house!  When I walked over to see if I could help, the police on scene told me everybody was ok; no serious injuries.  Both Tim and Jeannie were away at the time of the accident, so I called Tim to let him know what happened – and he told me someone else had hit that same pole just a few years ago!  The thing must have a target on it :)

We need a generator.  We've lost count, but this is either the fifth or sixth power outage we've had this year...

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  1. Weird. Power never goes out at my place in Jamul. How’s all your “good riddance, California” talk now??? ;)