Friday, May 29, 2015

Porcupine Reservoir is full!

Porcupine Reservoir is full!  We took a drive up there (map at right) this afternoon (photos below) and were delighted to see that the dam is spilling over – the reservoir is full to the brim.

This is most excellent news for all of us in the southern Cache Valley who depend on Porcupine Reservoir for our summer irrigation water.  Just a month ago everyone here was worried about a water shortage – now we're actually a little bit ahead of the water curve.  Most years the draw from the reservoir would already have started.  Not this year!  We're sopping wet at the moment.  The storm total ended up being 3.7 inches just north of Paradise, and it will have been something similar over the entire southern Cache Valley.

This is such a pretty drive for us, south from our home through the beautiful farms and towns of Paradise and Avon, then up the canyon to the reservoir.  There isn't any stretch of that drive that isn't pleasing to the eye.  This time of year, the fields are full of babies: colts, calves, kids, lambs, and more.  The trees and waterways are full of chicks and fledglings.  The fields are lush shades of green, as are the hills all the way up to the mountain peaks.  Lots of plants are still in bloom, though that's winding down.  The smells of farms and forest fill our nostrils on the whole trip, and the sounds of farm animals, birds, insects, and frogs are with us all the way.  As I write this the sun is setting, and around our house we hear dozens of birds complaining about the night time that is about to start.

We feel lucky as hell to live here...

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