Thursday, May 7, 2015

Leftover bowl...

Leftover bowl...  Not a bowl for leftovers, but rather a bowl made from leftovers :)

I found myself with a leftover piece round of walnut, 1 1/4 inches thick and 6 inches in diameter (this was from a cutout I made in the kitty bowl holder I'm making for Debbie).  It seemed a shame to throw such a pretty piece of wood away, so I chucked it up into the lathe and turned it into a bowl.  After that, a few minutes of sanding and a good soaking in Watco produced a decent little bowl!  I could imagine this filled with candy or other small food items, jewelry, or other small things.  The thickness was made from two boards glued together, and I wasn't at all sure how well that would turn on the lathe.  It worked just fine, and the results look nice too!

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