Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A fine lunch...

A fine lunch...  On this rainy, overcast day we decided to take ourselves out for a nice late lunch.  We set out to go for sushi (in Ogden), but as we drove up through the rain in Sardine Canyon, somehow we got onto the subject of burgers.  That, in turn, got us onto the thought of Maddox Ranch House restaurant, in Brigham City.  We went there for the first time about a month ago, and had a superb beef supper.  So we went there for lunch today for a burger.

Everything about the meal was superior.  Fresh dinner rolls with strawberry butter or plain butter.  Delicious burgers on a homemade bun, nicely grilled on the inside.  Crisp green lettuce.  Ripe, flavorful tomato.  Perfect dill pickle spears.  Iced tea, perfectly done.  We both had soup for our appetizer: a creamy potato soup with plenty of vegetables and bacon.  I had just enough room to consider a dessert: strawberry pie.  It was basically a pile of strawberries with a dollop of stiff whip cream, sweetened and vanilla flavored, on top.  There was very little pastry.  The strawberries were perfectly ripe: sweet and bursting with flavor, but yet still with a slight crunch.  I have no idea how they could make that any better.

Now we're in a burger/strawberry pie coma.  I expect no progress the rest of the day :)

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