Thursday, April 30, 2015

I have a different take...

I have a different take ... on the graphic at right.  Its creators intended to show how cheap NASA is, and they're looking to double its budget.

Here's my take.  Let's halve the NASA budget – but completely eliminate the manned space program (ISS and the alleged Mars mission).  The result would be a vastly increased unmanned space program, with the rough equivalent of 10 James Webb telescope missions a year.  The actual science done by NASA would explode, and the crazy expensive government-directed manned space program would be finished. 

I should note that I don't believe that's the same thing as saying there will be no manned space program.  Instead, I believe that means that if and when someone actually figures out a reason for humans in space, commercial interests (can you say SpaceX?) will get them there.  Until that day, let's get our incompetent government out of this business...

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