Saturday, April 11, 2015

Barn progress...

Barn progress...  The lathe is finished (at right)!  Next steps: connect compressed air and electricity; those will be tomorrow's projects.  Below are some closeups of (left to right) the tailstock, the drive shaft (with faceplate), and the headstock.  It's a sweet machine!

I was only able to put it together by myself by using the engine crane (at left).  The lathe's bed is one massive chunk of cast iron, and weighs something like 500 lbs.  Using the crane I was able to (easily!) lift it, place it atop the cast iron legs, and then move the entire thing to the exact place I wanted it.  I also used the crane to lift and move the headstock, which weighs almost 200 lbs.  It's a handy gadget for an aging geek :)

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