Saturday, April 11, 2015

Barn progress...

Barn progress...  The tile guys finished setting all the tile in my new office.  I'm still amazed by how closely this tile resembles real wood.  It's made by using a specialized ink jet printer to spray different colored glazes onto the blank tiles, “printing” a photograph of an actual piece of wood.  The surface of the tile has wood grain texture on it as well.  The tile guys will grout it on Monday, and later in the week a crew will show up to install baseboard and trim for the windows and door.

Yesterday my engine crane showed up, and I had it assembled within a couple of hours despite the lack of accurate directions.  There were directions included, but they were for a (substantially) different model.  Mostly I used the photo on the box as my guide :)

Once I had the crane assembled, I used it to move the components of my new lathe as I assembled them.  By the time I knocked off last night, I had the legs attached to the base, it was positioned in its place, and I had the headstock, tailstock, and tool rest base all installed.  I should easily finish assembling the lathe this weekend, including wiring it up.  Then it's on to testing!

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