Monday, March 9, 2015

Taking notes...

Taking notes...  I noticed many years ago that if I took notes, pen on paper style, at a lecture or meeting, I'd remember the important things much better.  This was true even if I threw the notes away and never looked at them again.  In my corporate life I then developed a habit of taking extensive notes at meetings and often even during one-on-one conversations.  When I was managing teams of engineers, this was extremely useful, as it allowed me to remember many different things in a complex and ever-shifting environment. 

Now there's research that backs up my observation about the value of taking notes...

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  1. I do the same thing. I take a ridiculous amount of written notes that I quite often will never look at again, or if I did I couldn't decipher. Sometimes when I working on something specific its useful for but mostly it just helps me retain the information. When I study, I read the material taking notes. Prior to any test etc. I re-read the notes sometimes even re-writing/re-phrasing them. Seems to help.