Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Patterns in the frost...

Patterns in the frost...  I snapped this photo a few minutes ago, out in our garden.  Last night the temperature dropped to just barely below freezing, and it was quite humid.  The result was a heavy layer of frost this morning.  But ... within a couple minutes of the sunshine hitting the ground, the temperature went above freezing and the frost melted.  On the right side of the photo, the sun has been shining for five minutes or so, and the frost is all melted.  The left side is shaded by a vine-covered arbor, and the frost has not yet melted.  The fairly sharp, straight frost line between the two areas caught my eye.

The photo was harder to take than you might think.  I was walking Mo'i on a leash, and he badly wanted to go hunting voles.  He was jerking me all over the place while I was trying to take this :)

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