Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A really nice evening...

A really nice evening ... was ours last night.  We drove down to Salt Lake City to meet up with some friends: Doug and Dee W. (who flew up here from San Diego to attend a conference), and Kevin and Casey P. (who live near Ogden).  We descended on the Red Iguana for dinner – some outstanding Mexican food.  Their mole sauces were especially enjoyable.  About three bites into our meals, Debbie and I looked at each other and said: “We’re coming back here!” It's the first time since we left Jamul that we've had Mexican food that wasn't Americanized junk, or just a step or two above.  Based on our small sample last night, the Red Iguana could easily hold its own with the best Mexican restaurants in San Diego.

It's been months since we've seen any of these folks (and in the case of Dee, decades!).  Our dinner conversation was full of stories and laughter and smiles, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Our drive home was filled with recollections of bits and pieces of our conversation that we particularly enjoyed.  We'd love a few more evenings like that :)

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