Monday, February 16, 2015

Kings of the mountain...

Kings of the mountain...  Last fall, our friend and neighbor Tim D. piled all the soil excavated for our barn's foundation up on the west side of our garden area.  Another neighbor's boys (and their friends) are enjoying the small hills Tim created.  They use them for building forts, riding their bikes on, and just generally running around.  In bare feet.  In February.  It's a gorgeous day out, 48°F and wall-to-wall sunshine.

Before the boys started playing on our “mountains”, they knocked on our door to ask if it was ok for them to do so.  They did the same thing before playing in our pine “forest” (visible behind the mountains), and before riding their bikes on our pavement.  They're endearingly polite, these boys – something 30+ years of exposure to California boys had me thinking that good manners had gone the same way as floppy disks, typewriters, and vinyl records...

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  1. Don't forget the california lawsuits if they fall and hurt themselves. Be sure to get waivers signed by parents each and every day. :)