Saturday, January 3, 2015

The house smells heavenly right now...

The house smells heavenly right now...  My lovely bride is making her signature chili, and the smells of meat and spices and tomatoes is pervading the house.  It will be several hours before it's ready to eat, and I'll be drooling with anticipation that entire time.  I handle this by carrying a towel around to wipe up the drool as necessary.

One of the hazards of cooking in a kitchen we just moved into is that we're missing staples normally on hand.  This has cost me two trips to the store already this morning, to buy bell peppers, bay leaves, and brown sugar.  The early morning staff at Ridley's was quite amused by my early purchases – and by my return trip.  I think they're placing bets on whether I'll need a third trip :)

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