Saturday, January 3, 2015


Kudos ... to Door And Window Hardware for some excellent customer service.  I purchased some beautiful solid brass entrance door hardware (made by FPL) for our new barn.  These are both Kentucky companies, and may be related to each other.  There are two “sizes” of door hardware commonly sold (with a different “backset” – 2-3/8" or 2-3/4").  Before I ordered the hardware I measured our doors – but I screwed up somehow, and mistakenly ordered the wrong size.

This past Monday I called the folks at Door And Window Hardware, told them this is what they get for selling hardware to an idiot, and asked them what I could do to exchange what I bought for the correct size.  It turns out that there are two mechanisms (the deadbolt and the latch assemblies) that are different between the two sizes; all the other parts are the same.  So Jeff, the fellow I was talking with, offered to simply send me the correct parts for free, if I'd cover the shipping.  Of course I said yes to that, and yesterday (Friday) the parts arrived, along with a bill for $5.80 of shipping (the cost of the USPS Priority Mail box).

I can't imagine how the process of fixing my mistake could have been any simpler or more pleasant!  The FPL door hardware is beautifully made – solid and rugged, and I suspect will long outlast me.  Combine that with top-notch customer service and you've got a product that's hard to beat.  We'll be buying some new hardware for our house next year, and we'll be getting it from these folks...

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