Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Snow!  Mo'i woke us up at 2:30 this morning.  The poor old guy had to go out to pee – his bladder is only good for about six hours at best.  When Debbie flipped on the light outside, she saw about 18" of snow on our porch, and 2" to 3" of snow everywhere else.  The porch is directly under a steep roof segment, so the fresh snow slid off right onto it (we're going to fix that :).

This snow is of a completely different character than the snow we had in December.  The temperature is 31.8°F – just barely freezing.  The snowflakes are falling at nearly the speed of a raindrop.  They're heavy, gloppy, and just barely removed from liquid water.  I shoveled that 18" off the porch and was surprised by how much a shovelful of snow weighed – the fluffy white snow of a few weeks ago could barely be felt; this feels more like a shovelful of wet dirt.

I took a look at the weather radar, and it looks like we'll be clear of the storm in an hour or so.  Looks like I'll be plowing at daybreak :)

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