Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Miki's new boots...

Miki's new boots...  Warning: put down your morning beverage and swallow before watching this video.

In the cold snap we had last week, we noticed that our dogs – especially the field spaniels – were uncomfortable walking in the very cold snow.  They'd want to come back inside after just a few minutes, and they acted like their feet were painful.  After a little research, we discovered that several manufacturers make dog boots for exactly this problem.  We tried a set first for Race (our border collie), figuring that if they stayed on his narrow feet, then they'd work for all the dogs.  They worked great, and Race got used to them in just a few seconds.  So we ordered another set, big enough for the field spaniels and their wider, fuzzier feet.  I put them on Miki to try out for fit, and they fit great.

What we didn't expect was Miki's comical reaction to the new boots, as you can see in the video.  We were laughing for hours after his first adventure with his new boots.  We'll probably try them again today.  I suspect it's going to take him a few attempts to get comfortable with them.  Meanwhile, he'll give us a few belly laughs :)

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