Thursday, January 8, 2015

Customer service kudos...

Customer service kudos ... to IQAir.  We recently purchased one of their filters to cut down on the odors in our indoor cattery.  The box was undamaged, but when I unpacked the unit I found two large plastic parts that had broken.  Both broken parts still functioned, so I set up the filter, turned it on, and it was obvious within minutes that it was working great.  Before we got the filter, I couldn't stay in the cattery (where seven cats live) for more than a few minutes – my eyes would start watering, I'd get the sniffles, and the smell would make me crazy.  Within an hour after turning the filter on, the air was just as fresh and odor-free in the cattery as it is outside.  It's just an amazing difference!

But ... two broken parts, on a brand-new unit.  I called their support line, and within 30 seconds was connected with John V., a customer service rep.  He asked me just a few questions, verified that I actually owned one of their machines (by having me read him the serial number), and then with no hesitation said he'd ship me the two parts.  Next thing I know, I got an email with a tracking number – they shipped the parts via FedEx.  I got the parts today, installed them, and now we have not only a beautifully performant filter, but we have one with no broken parts!

The whole support experience was just about as good as such a thing can be.  No hassles, no delays, no cost, and all very friendly and warm.  Great product, great service – always a winning combination!

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