Thursday, December 25, 2014

We don't have a TV yet...

We don't have a TV yet ... in our new home.  Our old TV was part of the deal with the folks who bought our house.  We'll get a new one early next year. 

Debbie and I have a tradition of watching some old classic Christmas movies during the holidays, and last night we wanted to do that again.  We have the movies on DVD.  We have a laptop computer (my MacBook Pro).  We have a USB DVD drive that works on the laptop.  All we had to do was to find all this stuff, rig up a Rube Goldberg-esque set of cables, and then we could watch the movie while we're snuggled up in bed. 

The main challenge turned out to be finding the DVD.  Our DVD collection was distributed over five moving boxes.  Three of the boxes we found quickly, searched through them, and ... didn't find the DVD we wanted (“It’s a Wonderful Life”).  So we started searching through the box piles.  In the last box pile we searched through, we found the two missing DVD moving boxes.  In the last box we searched, in the last few DVDs, we found it.

And we watched the movie as planned, and as is our tradition.  I love that movie...

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