Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas progress report...

Christmas progress report...  Yes, my lovely bride makes me work on Christmas day :) 

I installed some shelving in a closet for her, and then started to install a bi-fold door on that same closet.  Progress came to a complete halt, though, when I discovered that I needed a 7/16" drill bit, but didn't have one.  For some reason the set that I purchased has a 3/8" and 1/2" bits, but nothing in between.  The size is important in this case, as metal parts have to fit snugly into the hole.  So we paused that project until today, when I'll go get a new bit from Lowe's (I'm assuming they're open).  I also need to make another important purchase: a snow shovel!

I started another interior project yesterday as well: setting up a shared temporary office for Debbie and I in one of our upstairs rooms.  We're going to have cabinetry made for Debbie to have her own office in this room, but it will probably be several months before we can have that finished.  It will also be (at least) several months before my new office on the second floor of the barn is finished.  So we're setting up “shop” on some folding tables.  The first step was to move our Internet connection to that room, and I got that all working yesterday.

The first job this morning is plowing snow.  We've got about 7 or 8 inches of fluffy snow on the ground, and it has stopped falling.  I want to get that off the driveway before anyone drives on it, and compacts it into ice.  This will be my first actual use of the tractor and snowplow; a good test.  Then I'll be off to Lowe's, and back here to finish the closet door and get the office set up...

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