Thursday, December 11, 2014

Progress report...

Progress report...  We made a good dent in the truck's load yesterday, and in particular brought in all the really heavy stuff.  Our small army showed up last night, as promised, and made very short work of carrying our 400 lb. bed up to the second floor.  The Questar gas folks showed up yesterday as well, and we planned out how to connect the barn to the natural gas line.  This could happen as early as tomorrow, but I'm betting it will really be next week. 

We also took delivery of some new furniture, but with a less-than-wonderful delivery experience.  We paid the vendor (a furniture manufacturer in North Carolina) for “concierge” service, wherein a team of people was to bring in the furniture and unpack it.  Instead, we got a surly truck driver who refused to step foot in our house or to wait while we unpacked and inspected our furniture – and one box was very badly damaged.  After the driver left, we unpacked the furniture (a couch, wide chair, and footstool) and it was all in fine shape, so all was ok in the end.  Debbie gave an earful of discontented feedback to the shipper and the furniture place, though – made her feel much better :)

Today will be the “day of the boxes”.  I expect to make approximately 42,982 trips back-and-forth to the truck...

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