Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Progress report...

Progress report...  We did in fact make it to Paradise last night (though not until 1 am!), and this morning we've started unloading the truck.  We had a few very minor mishaps on the way up, but nothing major.  The biggest annoyance was discovering that the truck was speed-limited to 67 mph (through a governor sort of mechanism).  When you're cruising on 700 miles of road with speed limits between 70 and 80 mph, this is darned annoying – and, of course, it made the trip considerably longer.  The load on the truck appears to have arrived in fine shape.  A few boxes tumbled a bit, but so far we see zero damage of any kind. For the heavy stuff in the truck, a small army of local men are showing up early this evening (after their work) to give us a hand.  I love this place!

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