Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's another below-freezing day...

It's another below-freezing day...  So I installed some more replacement lamps today.  These three are in our “TV room” on the second floor.  The wide angle lens on the iPhone makes it look like two of the lamps are a couple miles down the road, but in reality the furthest one is about 20' away :)

When we bought the house, there was a very fancy, modern-looking Italian light that stretched all the way across this long ceiling.  It had five low-voltage lamps, each just 20 watts, strung out along a pair of tightly stretched cable that looked like stainless steel.  The whole affair looked like something that might be on the Starship Enterprise, but it put out a paltry amount of light in five beams, as if someone had hung five flashlights from the ceiling.  The new lights have 100 watt (equivalent) LED bulbs in them, very nicely lighting up this entire area.  They look much more like our style, too.

I'm beginning to expect now that each project I begin will run into problems.  This one sure did.  The first lamp I put up, I ran into a junction box with metric screws (4mm, 0.7 pitch).  I didn't even know there was such a thing.  And where did the builder find one around here?  It's as if I opened my front door and spotted a kangaroo!  The second lamp's junction box had totally stripped threads – the lamp I removed had been glued to it.  I ran up to the Ridley's in Hyrum and got a new box.  Sheesh.  The third lamp's junction box was very badly miswired: the hot and cold wires were crossed, and the safety ground wasn't connected.

I wonder what I'll find on my next project!

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