Thursday, November 13, 2014

Great moments in conduit laying...

Great moments in conduit laying...  I took these two photos late yesterday afternoon, while Jim J. and his son Talon were laying the conduit in the completed trench.  Talon has the perfect physique for working in the narrow (12") trench.  The two of them worked straight through until they finished it all, just before dark.  It's now ready for inspection.

There are many aspects of life up here that are markedly different than what we grew used to in California.  One of them is that it is completely normal (and common) here for kids to work with their parents – as I and my siblings did when we were growing up.  Jim has two sons that work with him often, and several other contractors I've used in the house did the same thing.  The flooring contractor had five family members involved in the business, and their office lady brought her daughter in frequently.  These kids are all learning what it's like to earn a living, instead of watching TV and playing games.  No wonder the Mormons are so successful, collectively!

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