Monday, November 10, 2014

Free speech being strangled...

Free speech being strangled...  Along with many other (mostly older) observers, I've watched sadly as America's strong tradition of free speech is slowly strangled by ideas like “political correctness” and “offense-free zones”.  This movement toward unfree speech comes most powerfully from the left, with progressive control of our university campuses leading to increasingly awful attempts to muzzle free speech.  It's not exclusive to the left, though: plenty of conservatives would like to limit what you can say – for instance, they'd like to muzzle criticism of the military, or promotion of abortion.  A pox on them all!

Harvey Silverglate has a piece in today's Wall Street Journal that looks at the left's abuses.  He concludes:
Hypersensitivity to the trauma allegedly inflicted by listening to controversial ideas approaches a strange form of derangement—a disorder whose lethal spread in academia grows by the day. What should be the object of derision, a focus for satire, is instead the subject of serious faux academic discussion and precautionary warnings. For this disorder there is no effective quarantine. A whole generation of students soon will have imbibed the warped notions of justice and entitlement now handed down as dogma in the universities.
I agree, Mr. Silverglate.  But how do we stop this?

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