Tuesday, November 11, 2014

And the trenching continues...

And the trenching continues...  After I finished fixing the irrigation pipe late this morning, I started back on the trenching.  Now I'm working on trenches that are inside our back yard, which means I'm tearing up the lawn I worked so hard on earlier this year.  Oh, well, the grass will grow back again.  I think :)

The trench I'm working on in the photo will be carrying a water pipe (at 48"), a gas pipe (at 36") and two direct-burial CAT-6 network cables (also at 36").  Just a little bit in front of where the tractor sits in the photo, another trench will branch off to the left.  That trench will carry water and gas under our driveway (where there's a 4" ABS pipe) where they will be stubbed out.  That's a provision for a future greenhouse.  Then the trench I'm working on will carry on straight into the center of our house, where the water and network will enter directly into the “mechanical room” in our basement.  Just before that trench his the house, another branch will head due east for about 40', carrying the gas line to the gas meter.

The back yard will be a real mess when I finish with this :(

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