Monday, October 6, 2014

Teak shower bench...

Teak shower bench ... with a dumb design flaw.  But it's fixed now!

We were originally planning to have a granite shower seat in one corner of our new shower.  However, after doing some reading on the challenges with granite – and its annoying habit of freezing your tushy off if you sit on it – I decided against that.  But we still wanted a seat in our shower.  I remembered a visit we once made to Ventana, on California's Big Sur coast, and how much we liked the shower there.  It was all rock, with a teak bench – so I started looking and found the one above.  Except for one little problem, I love that bench.

You can see the problem in the left-hand photo below.  The cross-members that hold the seat on exactly match two of the rows of square holes (you can see one of these: the second row of holes from the top) – and when I take a shower, they fill up with water.  That water then just sits there for hours, until it soaks into the wood.  That's not good for the long-term condition of the bench.

Upon investigating, I discovered that the edge of the cross-member, on the outside edge (top in the photos) extended just 1/10" or less past the edge of the hole.  That gave me an opportunity to drill some nearly hidden short holes at a 45° angle to provide a drain.  This proved to be very easy to do (right hand photo below), and in short order I had the problem fixed.  Yay!

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