Monday, October 6, 2014

Some praiseworthy customer service...

Some praiseworthy customer service...  Last week I installed a lighted magnifying mirror for Debbie, in our new bathroom.  All went well until I got to the very last step: attaching the mirror to to the mounting bracket.  There should have been three teensy little machine screws to attach it, but there were only two.  Worse: the screws were an oddball metric size, and were finished to match the mirror – there's no way I'd find one in a hardware store.


So I made the dreaded call to Zadro's customer service number.  If Zadro's was a Utah company, I wouldn't be dreading it – as getting good service here is almost a certainty.  But Zadro's is in Huntington Beach, California – so there was no telling what I'd run into.  Hence the dread.

But as you can guess from the intro, I was in for a pleasant surprise.  First, a nice young lady took my report, then said she'd get a replacement right out to me.  She took my address and promised it would go out right away.  That was this past Friday.  In this morning's mail was an envelope from Zadro's, and in it was the promised part.  The right part, too!  Five minutes later, the mirror installation was complete.  It's a very nice mirror

Kudos, Zadro's, for a fine example of the right way to do customer service...

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