Monday, October 13, 2014

Barn: drying-in and getting ready for framing inspection...

Barn: drying-in and getting ready for framing inspection...  It was a busy day around here today – not only was the driveway paved, but the builders had an extra large crew here today (5 or 6 people all day).

Two people were hard at work “drying-in” the roof – installing the underlayment that the steel roof will sit on top of.  They finished about 80% of the roof today; the remainder will be done early tomorrow.  Then they start on our house's roof.

Three (and occasionally, four) people were working inside the barn, framing the interior walls to be ready for the framing inspector tomorrow afternoon.  There are several interior walls.  They framed out the bathroom/boiler room, along with two partitions that go all the way across the barn, dividing it into three “rooms” (the garage, my workshop, and Debbie's dog agility arena).  By the time they left this afternoon, all that framing was complete.  Tomorrow they're going to start wrapping the barn in “house wrap” (Tyvek cloth) and installing windows and doors, to weather-proof the work done so far.

The photos, in time order:

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