Thursday, August 21, 2014

Worthless scanners – the TSA's security theater...

Worthless scanners – the TSA's security theater...  Marine, reader, former colleague, and friend Larry E. links to this article and comments:
In my recent travels I've gone through these things and been wanded or searched after. Once, I looked back and saw the image, a silhouette style with a yellow mark where it found something. This is what the TSA goon was looking at when he wanded me. The indicator was on my mid-thigh. i.e. no pockets or anything. So I asked him if the thing just randomly places the marks. I don't think he found me amusing.

I don't believe they are any more effective than the failed "puffer" machines.

Frankly I'm offended and dismayed that we are deliberately dehumanized and treated as cattle as we shuffle belt and shoe-less through security lines with self-important goons shouting orders about whether the laptop goes in a separate bin or not.

I've also notice a lot more "homeland security - police" vehicles and personnel around. Their blue stripped "police" cars going up the freeway. commando outfitted homeland security "police" wandering the street fair. Homeland security "police" with automatic weapons boarding trains to walk around before they leave the station.

Why don't I feel safer?

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