Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ward summer party...

Ward summer party...  Our friends Bruce and June N. invited me to tag along with them to their ward's summer party.

For my non-Mormon readers, a “ward” is a geographically organized congregation.  All the Mormons who live within a designated area are part of a ward; they don't choose which church they go to (other than by choosing where they live).  Generally there will be several wards associated with a given church (meetinghouse) – they each have a given time slot in the meetinghouse on Sundays.

Bruce and June are part of ward 4 in Paradise, Utah, the town we live just north of.  The ward party was a gathering of the ward members (and at least one guest – me!) at Little Bear Bottoms in Wellsville, just a few miles down the road from us.  With Debbie still down in Jamul until our remodeling is complete, I don't have much of a social life :) – so the evening out was rather nice for me.  I met dozens of people, none of whose name I will remember.  There was a lot of interesting and entertaining conversation.  There was food, much of it quite good – and conspicuously evil.

The main entertainment was a homemade water slide (down a hillside) that worked very well.  The kids were the dominant sliders, right down to tiny little toddlers.  One pair of little girls – I'm going to guess 6 or 7 years old – spent nearly the entire evening dashing madly up to the top of the hill, then sliding down back-to-back with huge smiles, and jumping up to do it all over again.  A few adults also went down, including one of my friends (June N.).  In the video above right, she's the one in back, with her friend Donna in the front.

Shortly after June took this ride, the storm you can see in the video hit us with gusts of wind and a little rain.  We fled :)  Shortly after they dropped me off at home, the lightning and thunder started in earnest, and then the skies opened up and it poured.  I'm loving the dramatic weather up here ... very different than Jamul!

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