Tuesday, August 19, 2014

“But this criminalization of politics is really wrong...”

“But this criminalization of politics is really wrong...”  I agree with Ann Althouse (and, by extension, Rush Limbaugh). 

I'll extend it just a tad: the problem isn't just the Democratic Party – it's what American politics has evolved into.  We no longer have a “citizen government” in any real sense.  Instead, we have a permanent political class, feeling as entitled as any elite class – and subject to all the corruptions and dirty tricks that any entitled class feels, er. entitled to.

I like to fantasize that we the people could fix all this mess by electing ordinary citizens instead of our political “elite.”  Then I remember who the voters are, and what their track record is.  And then I start thinking about wine, or the nearest concrete wall to bang my head against...

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