Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barn: Backfill time...

Barn: Backfill time...  The concrete in the foundation is cured, so work has started again.  The next big step is backfilling soil that was dug out of the foundation trench, and adjusting the height of the soil on the interior (under the floor).  Both started today.  Before the interior is filled, the builder lined the outside with foam insulation, to keep heat (from the floor) from leaking through the foundation.  He also made a hole in the foundation to run the septic line through (there will be a toilet and sink in the barn).  The interior is being filled first with a layer of “pit run” – gravel the way it occurs naturally, with mixed sizes of rock in a matrix of soil.  This will be filled to 3" below the needed level, then the final 3" will be a layer of pea gravel.  Then comes a layer of foam insulation, topped by heating pipes, and finally the poured concrete floor.

Here are some photos from today's work:

Interior of foundation with blue foam insulation
Drilling a hole for the septic line
One load of "pit run" gravel

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