Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tomorrow morning...

Tomorrow morning ... at o'dark thirty, I'm headed “down” to Jamul to see my wife and dogs.  I haven't been back to Jamul, or seen my dogs, for over three months!  Debbie came up to visit about six weeks ago, which is the last time I saw her.  I can hardly wait!

The plan is to spend about a week in Jamul, packing the FJ Cruiser and otherwise getting ready for our vacation to the San Juan Mountains of Colorado (see map at right).  Then we'll head up here to Paradise: Debbie, Miki, Race, and I.  We'll stay here for a day or two, then head out to Colorado for three glorious weeks in a remote cabin, at 11,000' way up a 4WD road.  Then it's back here to Paradise for a day or two, then back to Jamul, then I'm heading back up here to finish off all the remodeling so we can move in...

Woo hoo!

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