Tuesday, April 8, 2014

“A good man.”

“A good man.”  A tribute to my father from fellow horticulturist, nurseryman, and plantsman Mike Johnson, of Connecticut.  This is from a newsletter he publishes a few times a year.  He sent a copy to my mom, who scanned it and emailed it out.  Click to embiggen.

This is the time of year my dad and I would usually plan our summer trip.  That thought has occurred to me many times in the past few weeks.  There are many good memories that triggers, but also the pain of loss.  Still.

Another frequent thought this past week: I would have loved to just walk around our new place with my dad, and get the benefit of his knowledge and ideas for the trees and shrubs on the property...

I'll bet you've missed the most surprising thing in this post!  My mother scanned that newsletter and emailed it.  By herself.  Right at the moment the only way I can explain this is by extraordinary divine intervention...

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