Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cache Valley scene...

Cache Valley scene...  This is the scene this morning from the lot adjacent to my realtor's office.  I took it just after sunrise, looking west from the town of Providence (just south of Logan, Utah).

This afternoon I visited the County Recorder's office to pick up plats and legal property descriptions for the parcels of land we're buying.  If you've ever done something like this in San Diego (I have), you know it's a most painful experience: city traffic, scarce (and expensive) parking, long waits, surly clerical help, expensive and slow (and probably crappy) copies, and absolutely zero chance of meeting anyone with any real authority on a walk-in visit.

Here in Cache County, I drove up to the County Administration building and discovered a vast parking lot behind it, with dozens of empty spaces.  Those spaces were, of course, free.  Then I went to the wrong place to pick up what I needed, and some very friendly folks gently told me where I really needed to go (the Recorder's actual office).  I went there, and asked about getting the documents – and the County Recorder himself (a fellow named Mike Gleed) helped me locate and copy them.  Just like every other County employee I've met (about 10 at this point), he was extremely helpful, took the time to answer all my questions, no matter how crazy or ignorant – and had a smile and a cheerful attitude throughout.  Oh, and those documents cost me a whopping $3.50!

For anyone from southern California, getting quality, cheerful, friendly service from a government employee is a head-exploding experience.  Feels good, though.  Makes me want to go back for more...

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