Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not only inane, but willfully fraudulent...

Not only inane, but willfully fraudulent...  Steve McIntyre notes a scientist's scathing indictment of nutrition research.  Much of what that scientist (Edward Archer) has to say about nutrition science applies directly to climate science, which I'm sure is Steve's unstated point.  From Archer's editorial in The Scientist:
Perhaps more importantly, to waste finite health research resources on pseudo-quantitative methods and then attempt to base public health policy on these anecdotal “data” is not only inane, it is willfully fraudulent… The fact that nutrition researchers have known for decades that these techniques are invalid implies that the field has been perpetrating fraud against the US taxpayers for more than 40 years—far greater than any fraud perpetrated in the private sector (e.g., the Enron and Madoff scandals).
Ouch.  Certainly that applies just as well to climate science.

Don't miss Steve's last line – it's a hoot!

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