Thursday, October 17, 2013

That about sums it up...

That about sums it up...  Via Peter Robinson, writing on Ricochet, this passage from F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and the Damned:
He tried to imagine himself in Congress rooting around in the litter of that incredible pigsty with the narrow and porcine brows he saw pictured sometimes in the rotogravure sections of the Sunday newspapers, those glorified proletarians babbling blandly to the nation the ideas of high school seniors! Little men with copy-book ambitions who by mediocrity had thought to emerge from mediocrity into the lusterless and unromantic heaven of a government by the people -- and the best, the dozen shrewd men at the top, egotistic and cynical, were content to lead this choir of white ties and wire collar-buttons in a discordant and amazing hymn, compounded of a vague confusion between wealth as a reward of virtue and wealth as a proof of vice, and continued cheers for God, the Constitution, and the Rocky Mountains!
How are you feeling about Congress?  Did the shenanigans of the past couple of weeks make you glow with pride?

I thought not.

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