Thursday, October 17, 2013

ObamaCare: an insult to glitches...

ObamaCare: an insult to glitches...  From this morning's Wall Street Journal, an article with this lede:
The White House set low expectations for the Affordable Care Act's October 1 debut, so anything remotely competent should have seemed like a success. But three weeks on, the catastrophe that is and the 36 insurance exchanges run by the federal government is an insult to the "glitches" President Obama said were inevitable.
I keep reading stories about the remarkably low enrollment rates on ObamaCare sites.   Delaware has just one person who made it through.  Several states have none at all.  The best results are just a few thousand people for an entire state.  These are utterly pathetic results for such a major effort, and far, far worse than many commercial insurance sites routinely achieve.

Maybe the damned thing will just implode on its own.  That seems more likely than the political process making a dent in it...

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