Wednesday, October 9, 2013


“Pathetic.”  Yesterday The One held a press conference and took questions, something that doesn't happen very often with him.  Considering all the current craziness with the government shutdown, the ObamaCare roll-out disaster, and the impending debt ceiling fight, you'd think the worshipers press corps would have some tough questions to ask.

You would be wrong.  There wasn't a single even interesting question asked, let along probing or tough ones.  As Brit Hume said: “Questions from WH press corps are pathetic. As of this moment, not a single tough or challenging inquiry.”  A dozen reporters were called on, and it was evident they were carefully selected to be reliable sycophants.

I'd give a lot to have the diverse, combative, competitive English press duplicated here.  Instead, our press is a bit like the California legislature: utterly dominated by like-thinking progressives who compete only in their adoration for The One.  That sort of monopoly is hard to break through...

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