Monday, September 30, 2013

So sad, and so unnecessary...

So sad, and so unnecessary...  Mary O'Grady writes in today's Wall Street Journal about the price Columbia has paid, and continues to pay, for the U.S. “War on Drugs”:
The case of Colombia is especially tragic, and President Juan Manuel Santos is seeking a different course. In an interview with Journal editors in New York last week, he said that "Colombia probably has been the country that has incurred the highest cost in this war on drugs. We have lost our best leaders, our best judges, our best policemen, our best journalists." It has been "a lot of blood, the cost of this war on drugs."
The stunning ineffectiveness and utter futility of the War on Drugs is evident to anyone who looks at its history with clear eyes.  It is tragically expensive in both blood and treasure, has ruined hundreds of thousands of lives, and has delivered no benefits. 

It's been primarily supported by U.S. conservatives (of both major parties), but has the top-down “nanny-state” credentials and all the awful consequences one normally associates with a socialist or progressive program.  Libertarians have long been opposed to the War on Drugs, along with some Democrats. 

I suspect that the Republicans could make some political hay by radically changing their position on drugs.  Wiping out the War on Drugs would be a great start.  Legalization coupled with sane treatment options (as we have for alcohol abuse) would be even better...

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