Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Heart James Delingpole...

He has a wonderful post called “Why there's no point arguing with lefties.” He concludes thusly:
It’s often said that lefties hate righties because they think they’re evil, but that righties despise lefties because they know they’re stupid. There’s a lot of truth in this. I hate passing few, if any, of my many left-liberal enemies because to hate them would be to grant them a respect they just don’t deserve.

Mostly, I just feel sorry for them. I see them as tragic victims. Whether through the intellectual impoverishment of their upbringing or the failures of the education system or the brainwashing of the BBC or peer group pressure from all their Guardian-reading chums these piteously Gollum-esque troll creatures exist – or semi-exist – in a world where they will never know the giddy thrill of clever ideas, lucidly and wittily expressed, yoked within a logical framework within which, by many delightfully sinuous digressions and soaring flights of fancy, we finally reach the provocative, satisfying pay off which tells us that, yet again, the free market solution is the right one.

Poor loves.
Do go read the whole thing...

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