Thursday, August 15, 2013

Grasshopper Hops Sideways...

carSpaceX's test vehicle, dubbed “Grasshopper”, makes a test flight that adds a new maneuver: a lateral move away from, and then back to, the launch pad:

SpaceX seems to be carefully pushing their test vehicle along, trying one or two new things on each flight.  Their budgets are a tiny fraction of NASA's budget for rocket development, and yet they've arguably accomplished much more than NASA has managed, and in a very short time.  If they can figure out how to make money from the private sector, there's a lot of potential there – but that is a mighty big “if”. 

Right now, 100% of their revenue comes from NASA contracts.  I'm glad to see the cost reduction this affords NASA, but I'd much rather just shut down the manned space program at NASA – that would save a lot more money...

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