Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In the News...

WASHINGTON—Saying that none of the facts quite add up, first daughter Sasha Obama, 11, reported being “highly suspicious” today after poking around the details of the 2012 Benghazi attack. “I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t make sense—first they blame the attack on a spontaneous demonstration, but now we find out the CIA talking points were secretly revised?” said the sixth-grader, sitting in the darkened White House library intensely scrolling through pages of articles about the controversy and classified Pentagon briefings. “Obviously, someone’s hiding something: the poor security; the al-Qaeda link; the leaked emails. All I’m asking for here is a simple explanation from the State Department and the White House, and I’m not getting one. I mean, who are they protecting here? And why?” Sasha went on to tell reporters she felt even more suspicious after former defense secretary Leon Panetta failed to respond to any of her 24 voicemails.
The Onion, of course.

When you've lost the Onion, ...


  1. Nah, the Onion shoots at anything that moves.

  2. What? You don't think the Onion has a liberal bias? My sense is that their pokes at conservative/libertarian/religithuglian outnumber their pokes at liberals by something like 5:1...

  3. Seems to me they have a strong bias towards funny with occasional bends towards the left, but maybe I'm just giving them the benefit of the doubt. At the moment they actually seem to be pounding the left. Naturally, the party in power generates more news and hence more jokes. Methinks I can call this "the jokes follow the news" and you can call it "Losing The Onion" and neither of us would be wrong.