Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Rachel Lucas, on Primo and his new jacket.  A snippet from His shivers broke my will:
He’s a dog, and thus he went nuts for the snow. He snorkled it like I’ve never seen a dog do before, I mean he shoved his snout through it while running and then flung it from the top if his snout into the air and then made a freaky laughing kind of sound. It was like he was on acid at Woodstock. He frolicked and pranced and had an especially good time kicking it up behind him after pooping, such a good time that he then wandered around the park kicking it up even though he hadn’t pooped further. Times like these I really wish I had a newer iPhone so I could take video.

Oh and yes, I did pop the collar on his little jacket. Don’t judge me. It was snowing and his neck needed extra coverage, and also, it makes me laugh.
My mornings just wouldn't be the same without a dose of Rachel Lucas. I sure am glad she's started blogging again...

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