Tuesday, October 9, 2012

For At Least the Past 23 Years...

The Center for Responsive Politics has been collecting data on the contributors to political campaigns for the past 23 years.  This is a political transparency initiative; their goal is to inform voters about the special interests that influence (or at least, try to influence) elections.

For all those years, the number one source of corporate money for the Democratic Party has been Goldman Sachs.  Until this year, that is.  This year, Goldman Sachs is contributing 3:1 for Mitt Romney. 

Broadly speaking, other financial services firms have followed suit.  The Democratic Party has lost the hearts and minds of one of it's loudest – and richest – supporters.

Isn't it interesting that the Democratic Party has been the dominant recipient of the financial service industry's largesse over the years?  The Democrats love to bash Republicans for being in bed with the corporate fat cats, and yet the fattest cats of them all have actually been in bed with the Democrats all along. 

Obama fixed that.  Nice!

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