Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LBJ Orders Some Slacks...

Lyndon Baines Johnson (aka “LBJ”) was the U.S. president in the years I was a teenager (1963 - 1969).  In my memory he's closely associated with the rise of the welfare state, the Vietnam war, corrupt politics, and his use of the space program for publicity.  While it wasn't so obvious at the time, when our news was filtered by Democrat-friendly news media, history's hindsight has made it very clear that LBJ was a salty character.  Private recordings catch him using language I only learned once I joined the U.S. Navy, and amongst his intimates he was famous for his rough, “earthy” verbal manner.

Here's a recording of LBJ ordering some slacks from the Haggar company in Texas.  It's a great illustration of LBJ's natural manner, and nicely animated in the video:

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