Friday, November 11, 2011

Modern Times...

Via Eric W., this joke – which only some of my readers will “get”.  For the geeks, the thing that makes it so funny is that it sounds so much like what we've all experienced.  Setup: an ISP's subscriber is calling a technician at the ISP's help desk:
Subscriber caller: My Internet is down.

Tech: Why do you say that?

Caller: Because When I try to go to Google, it takes 10 minutes to draw the screen.

Tech: Do you have any XBOXs, TVs, or other Computers?

Caller: Yes.

Tech: Go turn the power off on all of them and try again to access Google.

Caller: I can't... My husband is watching a movie on his new NetFlix power big screen, my kids are having an XBOX live tournament, and my daughter is updating her iPod/iTunes songs.

Tech: So you said your Internet isn't working?

Caller: OK, I turned all those things off. Speed is a little better, but still doesn't work.

Tech: OK try rebooting your router.

CAller : (phone disconnects, and she calls back). That's odd, my phone disconnected when I rebooted the router. Internet is still slow.

Tech: Oh so I see you have VOIP also. Do you have Direct TV boxes?

Caller: Yes, I'll go turn that off. I set my DVR to download movies in the background a few days ago. Do you think that had something to do with it?

Tech: Try again now.

Caller: Wow, my Internet sure is fast now! Google loads in 1/10th of a second. What did you do to fix it? You must have changed something on your end, when I was off turning stuff off. By the way, why did you want me to turn the stuff off?

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